Seaport and marine Security

Seaport Security 
Ports are simply passages that lead into any country. Apart from seaports, people also use airports for the shipment of their cargos from one destination to the other. Meanwhile, the quantity of loads will determine which of these two ports should be used for the shipment. The seaports are where major shipping activities take place. And they are also vulnerable to security threats. for instance, through seaports, some (unsuspected) criminals can bring in hazardous goods like expired drugs, contraband products, illegal arms and ammunitions, among others. At this point, how do you describe seaport security? Seaport security can simply be described as:
...the defense, law and treaty enforcement, and counterterrorism activities that fall within the port and maritime domain. It includes the protection of the seaports themselves, the protection and inspection of the cargo moving through the ports, and maritime security (:// There is no doubt that seaport security is very strategic to the political sovereignty and security of any country, and that is why governments of various countries take the issue of fortifying their ports as a very important one. The reason is that any government that fail to secure its seaports can be said to be on the verge of losing its sovereign power because not only the government but also the public at large that will be vulnerable to threats especially if enemies bring harmful and destructive materials into the country. For instance, if there is no provision of sufficient security at the seaports, there may a situation of proliferation of weapons and small arms in that country, and terrorists can easily take over the ports. Destructive weapons like bombs, guns, or chemical weapons among others can be hidden and later used against the country. This view is shared by Greenberg et al., contending that:
...whenever and wherever a container is handled during movement represents a potential vulnerability for the security and integrity of the cargo (Greenberg et al., 2006 cited on ://en.wikipedia.Org/wiki/port_security). There is no doubt that poor security handling of cargo can expose the country to security risk. In a country where there are sharp ethno-religious divisions like Nigeria, circulation of weapons can engineer insurgency and growing criminality as being experienced in the country in recent times. The level of sophistication in armed robbery operation compared with the weapons that bandits use in recent times, calls for total overhauling of our security sector and policy. It is a fact that most of these dangerous weapons are not manufactured locally but come into the country through the seaports and borders. The attendant consequences that accompany arms proliferation in Nigeria underscore the strategic relevance of effective port security.
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