Approaches to Physical Security

Approaches to Physical Security
Summarily, physical security can be explained from three different approaches, all of which are interdependent in order to provide adequate physical security for any facility. These approaches include the following:
(a) The first approach is concerned with mounting of obstacles or barriers that can prevent potential attackers, intruders or malicious personalities from gaining easy access into facility. The threats being accidents, environmental disaster or human attackers will be impeded by putting in place some measures like multiple locks, fencing, walls, and fireproof safes, to mention a few;
(b) The second perspective to physical security is the installation of surveillance and notification, which will help us to optimise the security of the facility by monitoring and detecting the activities of (potential) attackers to the facility. This involves the use of such security methods like installation of lighting, heat sensors, smoke detectors, intrusion detectors, alarms, and cameras; and
(c) The third approach involves putting in place measures that can help in effecting the arrest of attackers or hazards. For instance, there should be security guards that will act promptly and effectively when alert of attack is raised to arrest the attackers. Also, in fighting fire incidents, it is expected for us to have fire-fighting equipment or call professional fire-fighters to come to the rescue to quench the fire. There is the need too, to have in place emergency workers and disaster managers for hazard and disaster mitigation. These and other measures will help us recover quickly from accidents, fires, or natural disasters.
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